About us

PFS is a firm that specializes in the design, management and implementation of sustainable projects in Panama and the Pacific and Caribbean region, supported by a network of international experts and investors.


Ivana Cepon

Executive director

Vision and Mission


To contribute to sustainable development in Panama and the Pacific and Caribbean region, excelling in the execution of quality projects, and maximizing economical, social and environmental benefits for our shareholders, partners, collaborators, clients, providers and the community.


To provide services –supported by a network of international experts and investors—for the execution of sustainable projects.


Long-term vision

Commitment and passion

Sustainable practices

Personal, professional and corporative responsibility

Team work

Transparent and clear communication



Sustainability is the cross-cutting theme of the services offered to our clients in the following fields:


Since its start in 2008, PFS has excelled in the following areas:

PFS has rescued and relocated more than 1,400 species.

PFS has reforested more than 3,000 hectares of forest and developed agricultural and silvopastoral systems in more than 1,000 hectares.

PFS has provided consultancy services—along with CE Delft—for the Green Route strategy of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), and agreed with Cooleche on the design of a climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy for the member dairy farmers of the cooperative.

Among PFS’s main clients are: Panama Canal Authority, Panamanian Ministry of the Environment, GUPC, Cooleche, Interplanetary Wood Products, London & Regional, Panama Ports, MECO, Grava (Argos) and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution in Panama (STRI).

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